Reasons why coconut oil is what your hair needs

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Coconut oil has been in use by women who resides in tropical regions for hair care for many years. This has resulted into hair that is notable for its fullness and luster. Currently, scientific research has uncovered plenty of proofs that coconut oil for hair not only promotes its healthy growth & development but also enhances hair appearance. This article tries to explain the benefits of using coconut oil for hair growth. Take a look:

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Reduces Scalp Inflammation
Coconut oil, either on its own or with combination with other hair treatment chemicals can help one hold onto the hair he/she has a little longer. A mixture of one part of rosemary essential oil and ten parts of coconut oil can reduce scalp inflammation, which is responsible for dandruff (seborrhoeic dermatitis) that can speed up hair loss process, especially for individuals with male-pattern baldness. One teaspoonful of this mixture should be lightly massaged into the scalp.

This product is very unique. It’s only not versatile but also its low molecular weight property makes it to be able to seal the hair. It is also able to complement its sealing capacity with strong affinity for hair proteins that are not available in other oils. Coconut oil also greatly supports moisturization of hair fiber in way that other hair oils have fallen short.

It is known to benefit black hair in 2 key ways. First, its hydrophobic oil characteristics enable it to prevent water penetration from the surrounding air as well as environment. Secondly, it’s also able to bind to natural protein hair structure. This in turns helps the hair to retain its natural moisture content as well as reinforce hair fiber. This makes the hair even stronger.

Prevents and Repairs Damage
In India, researchers at the Mumbai Marico industries observed closely how hair that is treated with sunflower, mineral and coconut oil resisted damage caused by combing. The study which was published in march/April 2013 issue of Journal of Cosmetic Science included both the damaged and the undamaged hair to find out how it responded to treatment using these 3 different oils. For research purposes, each of the oils was used as a pre- and a post wash conditioner. The only oil to significantly reduce loss of protein in both undamaged and the damaged hair was coconut oil.

benefits of using coconut oil for hair
Having gone through the above great benefits of using coconut oil for hair, it may be the time you consider dropping those expensive lotions and potions . You will never regret.

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