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Search answer for how to make hair thicker? Brittle and thin hair could happen for multiple reasons, which includes wrong diet, stress, genetics or improper hair maintenance. Mostly, the factors making hair dull and weak are controllable. Hair undergoes a lot, right from styling products and tools to hair chemicals and sun exposure. These elements could hinder hair growth too. There are many easy and natural methods to thicken feeble hair and make them grow faster. The following should offer you some insights and background information on how to make hair thicker.


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1) Your hair requires protein to generate keratin. If it doesn’t receive sufficient protein, it may enter the �resting phase,’ resulting in significant hair loss. Whey protein helps restore the balance – adding whey protein scoop to your breakfast smoothies should do the trick.

2) Besides its nutrient content, red meat also provides iron that’s essential for healthier, thicker hair. Consult your doctor if you have an iron-deficiency, or when administering supplements or consuming red meat to address the shortage.

3) Blueberries house antioxidants that safeguard the cells of the body against free radical harm. The damage increases inflammation and stress hormones, which impact hair luster.

4) Almonds are a rich protein source and also loaded with magnesium that helps grow and maintain thick healthy hair.

Administer a B complex vitamin daily. The vitamin mitigates hair loss and contributes to stronger hair. Vitamin A helps maintain or balance scalp oil and lubricates hair follicles to ensure faster and thicker hair growth.

To boost scalp blood circulation, vitamin E and C-rich foods will come in handy. Citrus fruits comprise vitamin C, while nuts and vegetable oils are good vitamin E sources.

Washing Hair

how to make hair thicker
Use apple cider vinegar to rinse hair before routine shampooing – this must be done a couple of times every week. Besides its vitamin content, apple cider vinegar also balances the scalp’s pH levels and eliminates hair follicle-related dead skin, which may be restricting fresh and thicker hair growth. The vinegar hair rinse mix is made by mixing a cup each of fresh apple cider vinegar and distilled water.

Mix a small pouch/sachet of unflavored gelatin into your regular shampoo when washing hair. A unique protein, gelatin contributes to thicker and faster hair growth.

After-Wash Care
After a hair wash, don’t wrap your hair in a wet/dry towel. While drying, towel-rubbing could open up the hair cuticles. This may result in frizzy hair that can break easily.

It’s also not recommended to comb wet hair. Let the drying process happen by itself and replace your hairbrush with a wide-toothed comb to detangle washed hair. This prevents breakage or split ends. Brushing and blow-drying in tandem could damage hair strands, and therefore their ability to grow thicker and faster.So, refrain from the practice.

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