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Poor diet, illnesses, improper medication and hormone changes are the top factors that contribute to hair loss. These factors result into interference of the hair growth life cycle as it hinders hair follicles from performing its function of growing new hair. Research shows that vitamins are essential in promoting hair growth and stopping hair loss and hair thinning. Vitamin deficiency is one major factor that contributes to hair loss among most people both young and old alike. It is therefore important to promote healthy diet that contains all the essential nutrients for proper hair growth. The following are some of the vitamins for hair loss.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is rich in retinols and Beta carotene. It therefore helps in lubricating hair roots and giving it a vibrant look. Besides, vitamin A also re-nourishes hair follicles hence promoting growth of healthy hair. Vitamin A can be obtained from oranges, carrots, broccoli, liver, spinach and apricots.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B deficiency can result into hair loss. Biotin, normally called vitamin B7 or vitamin H helps in renewing and re-nourishing hair follicles hence promoting hair growth. Adding Biotin to your diet helps in promoting healthy, thicker and fuller hair. Vitamin B is therefore a recommended panacea in curbing hair loss in both men and women.

Nonetheless, Vitamin B is also a critical component in regulating various biochemical processes, hormones and metabolism in the human body. If such processes in the body are not regulated, it can result into hair loss. Similarly, Vitamin B3 improves the health of the scalp and consequently promoting the growth of healthy hair. Besides, it also promotes a healthy skin tone and locks in moisture.

Other types of vitamin B that aids should be taken regularly for reduced hair loss include vitamins B1, B2, B6, B5, B9 and B12.

Vitamin C

Vitamins For Hair Loss
Vitamin C has anti-oxidant properties. It is soluble in water and is an essential compound in the production of a type of protein called collagen. Collagen makes up about a third of the human body and is found in parts such as ligaments, skin and above all; human hair. Free radicals in your body can result into brittle and weak hair hence resulting into hair loss. Vitamin C deficiency can therefore result into hair loss and should not miss in your daily diet.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E For Hair Loss
Vitamin E helps in boosting the blood flow process in the body resulting in sufficient oxygen supply in the scalp. This promotes the nourishment of hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Vitamin E can be obtained from sources such as avocadoes, mangoes, pea nuts and kiwis.

Viviscal hair growth Vitamins

These are clinically tested and proven to promote growth of healthy hair and reduce on hair loss. Viviscal vitamins for hair loss helps in nourishing the hair follicles for longer, thicker and healthy looking hair. Ideally, it accelerates the hair growth process by stimulating the follicles. This however will depend on the individual.

Hair loss can be a nightmare if it finds you in the early stages. However, proper supply of vitamins could work the magic out in curbing hair loss. They are minimally invasive in fact they are natural hence no side effects to worry about.

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